Saturday, May 04, 2002

Eeek, I haven't been here in a while. I feel the need the to go on about wanting my cake and sodomy too. With all the blah going on, a tall glass of liquid cocaine and some double-stuffed Oreo cookies will have to do. I simply do not have time to bake a cake.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

As a Texas born, Oklahoma resident, quicky-mart shopping, white-as-all-hell gay boy, I would just like to say

Fuck You.

This is my must response after the moment of silence from my last post. I would like to dedicate it so many, but rather, I'll let the reader do that for themselves. Now, any one of my friends could tell you I have always had as much American Pride as Gay Pride. In fact, I have 1/2 a dozen large American flags. No need to go out and buy more for me. Which has been a good thing for my family, who didn't make it to the flag shop before they sold out. "Oh, Wesley has plenty, lets just take one of his!" Oh, well, good thing my brother has 4 unopened ones waiting in storage. I will not go on about why we have so many flags. I will just say it is a proven fact that Texan's are overly patriotic, orginating from back when Texas was its own country. I don't know who proved it, but why argue with your grandfather? I'm about to reread his war journal. I like reading his words. I think I get my humor from him. That, and my willingness to spend large sums of money to see a smile. Yeah, sure, one shouldn't have to spend money to get a smile, but it's just so much fun!

Suddenly I have thoughts of beating ass. Both my grandfathers have dark skin. Native Americans, the whole family. Yet I'm a fairy snow flake. Some how the continued introduction of my pale skinned family into my red skinned family lead to the inability for my generation to tan. Back to ass kicking, I'm unnverved by an article I read. A mexican GIRL was harrassed. What in the hell? Is it not bad enough we gotta act like honkies towards the Muslims and Arab Americans, but we gotta be dicks towards anyone with brown skin? What in the..uuhh! I'll quit there.
Uncle Sam

I will hope that everyone remembers that goes for JUST the ones responsible. Beating an American with their own flag, and all the other sickening responses to American people of color only disgraces ourselves. I found it disheartening when I went to the local "Quicky-Mart", and the man said I was the only white person he's seen in days. I will now trade my usual ranting and cursing for a moment of silence.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Star bright, star in sight,
See this one wish, alright?
I need to be in this one place,
Looking at this one guy's face.
I wish I could, one day I will,
Be close enough to cop a feel.

Sky high, moon passing by,
Show me a reason why.
I'm still so damn far away,
I should have been there yesterday.
One day, one night,
Would be alright.

Universe around the sea,
I want him to embrace me.
Carry me away, I won't be scared,
Alone here just can't be bared.
I wish by will, I know I can,
One day be with my man.
From my raging heart on fire,
One granted wish of desire.

So, what was granted? That you're with me in soul, with me to read this, no matter what the distance, we'll always be together.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Below will be an image of a Popple as soon as it starts working. I haven't posted in FOREVER, I know, but damn, that's life for you. I've let the whole website go as those involved deal with the more demanding paying customers, and I make my final decision on how I want to intergrate this site with my business site that will go live just as soon as I figure out what domain to buy. I wouldn't mind getting a dot tv address, but noooo, some people think it's not professional. Just try and think of a dot com that isn't already taken. While I'm at it I supose I'll go ahead and finally purchase, and just maybe .org for a mirror of some sorts. I know, the Popple is more interesting.
Adopted Party Popple
Party Popple
was adopted on --June 30, 2001--

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

I got Ethan a new toy. Yup, it was on sale, and it's my purpose in life to make sure he has the most unusual stuffed toys. X-mas was the purple frog, yesterday, it was a Cerberus. Yes! The three-headed hellhound himself. It was actually the Harry Potter character Fluffy, but Fluffy looks like Cerberus, so same thing. Right now i'm listening to The Best of Pigface cd. Who would have thought Martin Atkins would produce such a thing? Two discs for the price of one with nine previously unreleased tracks. Go get it now! Yes, I'm still on my support Invisible Records kick. It's a must. Hmm, what else should I spill about? Hot steamy sex? Just kidding. I bet you thought I was going to memtion something interesting. Ha! i wouldn't doubt if I forgot how to have sex before I did it again. Well, there's always myself to practice on.

Monday, April 02, 2001

hee hee hee.. I wasn't gone too long this time. I went off to write the newest version of THE WORD. Which was a very humbling experience. You see, I've decieded to go to a new level with my site. I have suddenly been flooded with ideas, Preeties has increased usage by 500%, and disco tech divas has become quite the popular e-mail spot. So all the gimps are going to get together and discuss the next phase of Desperate Passions. For one, those damn paid ads gotta go. i gave it a shot, and, well, the're tacky. The payouts suck for a site like mine anyways. People don't come here to shop. What they come here for I haven't quite figured out. What's this got to do with writing THE WORD? Well, it was while doing that when i finally decieded to go for it. Why not? Let's make Desperate Passions a for real web site. So it's posted on the cover: "final volume of version 3". What's going to happen then? Oh, you'll see. Someday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

For the forst time in my life, I had a cigerette on my crotch. It was the strangest thing. Robert tried to throw a cigerette butt out of the car window, on my side. Still lit, there it was. Right on my crotch. All I could say was "damn" in my unique damn voice. What else could i say? How could I ever elaborate the strangeness of having a lit cigerette butt on my crotch? sighs
nothing nothing nothing! Not a damn thing. Nope. My day was eventless and Adam is online now so I'm going to talk to him istead of post on this silly blog. Blogger is getting slow. Really slow. I think I might defect before long.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

More on body hairs: Tonight, at the end of my work shift, I really had to piss. The closest restroom had just recently been cleaned. A plus in working the late shift. It was so recently cleaned that the cleaning lady was in the area. So, I go in, pull my stuff out, and i'll be damned if a pubic hair didn't fall and land on the stall. Oh, it looked so tacky in this clean restroom. I tried to blow it off but the thing wouldn't budge! What was I to do? I wasn't about to touch it. How clean could a public restroom really be? I was freaking too much to even think about getting some toilet paper or paer towels to clean it off with. So I became one of "them." Willingly, I left a disgusting pubic hair in plain veiw on a public restroom stall. Ooh, how will i ever redeem myself from this one?

Monday, March 26, 2001

Just what is the deal with my chest hair? I swear, it's so obvious one side is thinner than the other. Plus it's in some kinda swirl pattern on the thin side. I look like, hell i don't know, a freak. I'm not even that hairy. What is the deal with me? Am I so not allowed to be normal that my chest hair is even abnormal? Uhh, life, why? While on the subect of body hair, I'm convienced every grouping of hair on my body is a different shade. I'm bitching, okay? I'm allowed! I'm feeling like a blonde rainbow. Gotta show that fag pride I guess.

Sunday, March 25, 2001

You ever just set around thinking about your boyfriend then suddenly realize your hand smells like penis? Every time you wave it around you're knocked out by the wiff of your own crotch. I don't want to hear shit about "you should bathe." I'm talking at any time of day, when you might not be at your freshest. I like penis. Really I do. It's just such a surprise to smell your own on your finger tips. More on this some other time. I've got to think of ways to get out of my pants and into his....

Sunday, March 11, 2001

I finally made my goal of 30+ reservations at my new job today. I am the shit! I did in in 5 hours, even. Brag brag brag. Oh, gotta mention it: the chick at remembered me! She even said she could never forget me! Awww! I'm so flattered, I had to add a link to her site too. Everybody go look, get, no more reading. I swear, I've been adding so many outside links to the nettwerk sites is a wonder people don't wonder away and never come back. But hey, links make the web. Without them, we could never see what's out there, cause it would be too damn hard.

Saturday, March 10, 2001

All must see the Gothik Girls strip! Click the cute little girly thing to see.

Friday, March 09, 2001

Oooh the wonders of DSL. So fast. So so fast. I downloaded macromedia's fireworks in a minute at 100% effecientcy. Ooooh yes, I like this. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday, March 03, 2001

Oh my poor blog, i keep neglecting you! I'm so so sorry. I've just been so caught up in writing other stuff I forgot all about you. Will you ever forgive me? People are switching to that other thingy, but nope, not me. The more I can have hosted elsewhere the better. I've already filled 2 of 3 sites. Yes, I believe in free hosting. No buying additional space for me. Hey, I did my taxes today. Over $1,000 coming my way. Woo-hoo! It pays to be a working man. Of course it's all going to bills I'm sure, but who knows. i might get lucky and just fly my ass to Australia instead (heehee). I've missed you Adam! This you going to school stuff and me working in the mornings (groans), uuuhh, I can't handle it much longer. We'll off to smell the wizard.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Retrospect of Valentine's Day. I woke, and I was told I was loved by the man I love. First thing. How can you beat that? I was still more asleep than wake, but still, it left me breathless all day. The cool thing is we'll get to do it all over again in, say, a month from now. I don't have the money (not working yet, but i am employed!) to send off his card, letter, and poem. Yeah, I'm that broke, and honestly, i'm still working on them. I'm a perfectionist.

Saturday, February 10, 2001

There ia a disgrace on the world wide web. My favorite pimp, The Pink Panther, has become the mascot of a girly teeny site called, of course, Mercy on us all. Nothing was spared in the creation of this site. Full of flash, a store that can't be properly viewed through the AOL browser, and advertisements for all the other teen girl sites. The entry page features a girl wearing a pink panther shirt. This would be okay, if the young woman had bigger breasts. If The pink Panther is going to be show in such a manner, it should stay true to the pimp that he is. The site should be dedicated to all his pimp granduer. Items for sell within this shrine should be various nescesities for pimping. A Pink Panther theme on the items is acceptable. My new dream is to one day stop this madness by buying out the owners of in a hostile take over. Some day.

Friday, February 09, 2001

UH na na na na! You know what that means? Do you know! It means it's pay day! Money money money. It's been so long since I've touched your paper paperness. Green thingies with ugly faces, you are soon to be mine once more! But, of course, so little only goes so far, and my gay ass must pay up, or get out. Argh.

Thursday, February 08, 2001

I'm baaack. Did you miss me? Today I will discuss the magic pubic hair. I was asked yesterday if I would like to have a magic beard, like a gnome. This idea seemed totally proposterous to me. Could you imagine people always tugging at it trying to make a wish? With magic pubes, I wouldn't have that problem. I better not anyways. That would be be just a little wrong. "Oh, hi, can I touch your pubes anad make a wish?" Oh hell no! There's only two people that need to be doing the wish making. Here's a thought for the first wish. I wish these things wouldn't get stuck between my teeth.

Saturday, January 06, 2001

Oh joy of joys! I'm instant messaging the world's most best fag hag right now (mine, of course). I think she's chatting or something, and ignoring me, the cunt. So, I'm posting this silliness as a protest to bad fag hags. Do your job right women! You want us poor guys to end up nuts like the guy who writes! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!! He's so hilarious. Let's vote, how many think he needs a really huge cock shoved up his ass? Who's desperate enough to do this? Although he needs it, I hope no one is. I hope I never meet a closet case like his. For those who don't know, he claims to have been a fag. Some please, lock the closet door on him. You never know when people like that will try to come back out. Scary. Have you bad fag hags learned your lesson yet? Gosh I hope so.

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

Ethan Mathew was born December 31st at 9:47 pm. My first blood nephew. Wow. Now mw and Adam get to play Uncle. I can't wait to spoil the hell out of him. I got to see him today, and he's by far one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. Even if he does look like my brother. So, I didn't party this New Years. I was happy enough sitting by the phone, and with some luck, I got to talk to Adam. That was really nice. I had hoped to be with him for New Year's, but I didn't think it would happen. I am truely lucky this New Year. I didn't even make a resolution. I had so much to be thankful for, I decieded, why not just go with it?

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Gosh, been a while, hasn't it? i got something resembling internet access on my prefered comp now. Means I get to spend some time here again. Had to go buy one of those modem things. This wanker comp only had a netwerk modem, since we used an external one for the cable internet access. So down to the real deal. Xmas sucked. And it wasn't all to pleasurable. Nothing blows like a bad blow. I was sick as all hell, but, i got some cool ass presents. I didn't get to talk to Adam on Xmas. That was rough. If it involved socialization I just didn't get to participate. Ugh. Totally unfair to the fag boy. Okay, I've wasted enough time here, til some other moment...

Monday, December 11, 2000

Oh, sadness! I haven't been able to do anything with my sites lately. You see, we had the cable shut off, and ordered DSL. Had to be done. I wasn't able to communicate with Adam for 2 days. Can't have that. So, I missed the day without blogs. I wasn't able to participate, because I couldn't get online. As of now I'm using palin old AOL. Ewww. No more.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Bounce with me, bounce with me. Can I get a what-what or a woo-woo? If not, oh well. I don't need what you got. Yeah, baby, you better believe it. Here it is; the 27th was my birthday. Here's what I got: Dr. Frank N Furter doll. Oh yeah. Fuzzy leopard print dice for the boogiemobile ghetto cruiser. Uh, huh. Leopard print light swith cover. Fuzzy, too. Some books came in: The Story of O, The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, and The Vampire Armand. Better believe I got taste. There's more. Adam sent me a recording of his grr. Ohh, yes! I got a ring. Yep, the promise ring. I put it on myself and promised myself to Adam. Aww, how sweet! I went to see what has to be the best bimbo movie ever: Charlie's Angels. All that, plus I had to go to the mall to get the stuff, go to work, and pick on some punk at the theater who thought he could talk shit behind my back. Don't they know this is my town? Ears everywhere. And, I spent the whole morning talking to Adam (he sang Happy Birthday to me. Yes!). So, it was the best day of my life. Can't wait to have another. As for what happened yesterday and today? One of lifes mysteries. I can't post everything. Gotta have time to have a life to post about. On with it!

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Yesterday, as I layed in bed with four women, two of them licking themselves while being petted by the other two, I thought how much this beautiful experience is wasted on my fag ass. They didn't care I was gay, they just wanted to lounge with me. On to something else..
I went to Toys-R-Us today to buy a frog I've been set on to give my nephew for his first B-Day/Christmas. It's shiny and purple and I want my picture taken w/ it. Misty said she would get me one for Christmas. The funny thing was in the checkout lane. Poor homely woman had no idea what she was getting into when she asked me for my phone number. Standard procedure, right? Tee hee. Check it.
Her: "May I have your pone number?"
Me: "No. Are you gonna call me?"
Her: "No"
Me: "Why not?"
The poor girl was SO red after that. Couldn't help myself. She looked like she needed a nice comment. Still Wondering about the four women and me in a bed? Two 17 year olds, 1 dog, and a kitten.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Some post that was, huh? It was the only thing resembling a word I could think of (refering to last post, duh). I haven't been posting anything cause I've been very content these past few days with not being online at all. It's difficult just to type this post, cause I've been (still am now) instant messenging a guy I meet in the Chat room. Yep, that place. I haven't been back since. Okay, I haven't done anything on the net since. I'm still upgrading the subsites, but it's going a little slow. I don't care either. I'm happy. Thanks, Adam. It's your fault, but I'm glad you did it.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

I meet someone in the Yahoo Chat Room a couple of days ago. Yeah, I should of know better. But we's really nice and actually seems to truely want to keep in touch. Wowzers! Who would have thought...
Okay, check it. There's, like, 100's of pages views going on in "silly fag boy" and "fagblog". Who's looking at my life and not telling? That's kinda rude I think. I've got a damn guestbook ya know.
Chi chi chi, chi chi, chi chi chi.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Don't dream it. Be it. This weekend I bought The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25th Anniversary Edition on DVD. The package is well worth it. Gosh, we've been watching the stuff on the two discs for the past three days. I didn't intend to buy it until after Christmas, but damnit, my birthday is this month, and I deserve it!
I've been missing from the fagblog and the message boards until yesterday. I've just been so busy de-constructing Toys for Boys and setting up that I haven't even sent out my daily e-mails. Everything's pretty much up now, and it's not so different that regular visitors won't know what's what.
Till next time, stay lovely!

Friday, November 10, 2000

Today I officially began elric's etication. This is, of course, the teaching of etiquete and other fine behaviors. Oh, boy, won't this be fun.

Sunday, November 05, 2000

Oh, gosh, the world has lost sanity. Mine anyways. Looks like I lost contact with the people I meet chatting. Shit. They were nice, too. I watched the Grim Fearies video, again. It's a must see. Go to to check it for yourself.

Thursday, November 02, 2000

Okay, I've been gone a while. Poor little blog. Delete..delete..make me friendly...delete...oh, un..hi. What's up is I'm intergating this into so it's gotta be nicer. I'm sure it'll go back to it's normal self after a while, but all the old stuff is gone. Lot's of interesting stuff this Halloween. I did the chat thing for the first time in forever. I actually met someone worth the while. We'll see I guess. Now I'm going to glamourize the look of this some, then it's back to THE WORD.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

This week I've been teaching Misty the different ways to use the word ass. When I asked her what the difference between "my ass" and "your ass" was she said hers was bigger. !funny! Friday I'll quiz her on your ass, my ass, bitch ass, and fucking ass. Oh, the joys of teaching the young.

Monday, October 09, 2000

Robert said I have a caremel center. I took that as a hard, chewy, sticky center. hee hee

Sunday, October 08, 2000

what in the world... who cares.